Sahil is a Registered Charity and a Company Limited not for profit Voluntary Organisation. Sahil Project was established in 1986 to support Asian Women who were suffering from stress and isolation. The stress often arose from unresolved problems and resulted in psychological ill health. This was often related to language barriers, racial hostility and difficulties in accessing services or making social contacts and not knowing where to seek the appropriate assistance.

The Project initially started as a telephone helpline to address the wide range of issues that women were facing. The Project today provides a very broad array of practical and emotional support for women from Black Minority Communities especially from Asian Sub-Continent.  Over the years the difficulties that the women had and received help with have been varied and complex and the first ten years saw the Project trying to respond to all types of issues. However this approach was revived to a robust and more focused one resulting in Sahil concentrating on a number of core services, which is still the basis of its work today.





  • Aims:
  • To provide befriending and signposting service to Asian women who experience stress, isolation and depression in Coventry
  • To provide a professional and person-orientated service
  • To be sensitive to the lifestyles and cultural values of Asian women living in Britain today
  • To facilitate, monitor and deliver a ‘drop-in’ service, among other, with a view to reducing isolation
  • To provide outreach and home visits, if the user is unable to visit the Sahil office
  • Objectives:
  • Benefit of Asian women in the Coventry.
  • The relief of need, hardship and poverty in Coventry.
  • The advancement of education.
  • The preservation and protection of health in and around Coventry.
  • The provision or assistance in the provision of facilities in the interest of social welfare for recreation and other leisure time occupation with the object of improving their conditions of life.

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